virgolette WHITE 1

A journey into Great Beauty
of the twentieth century.


Autoral editions

of products inspired by a journey through the twentieth century.
Through the different styles we characterized the search for a timeless Beauty, with sartorial details that enhance the craftsmanship.
The passion for craftsmanship, research and refinement are the fundamental characteristics to make a difference and to obtain an aesthetic and functional product that has intrinsic balance and beauty.
The sartorial design philosophy that distinguishes us comes from the continuous research of style, through the influence between art and fashion, using noble materials that nature gives us.
Thanks to the skilled and educated hands of our precious craftsmen, the products are skillfully crafted to give shape to high quality and Italian excellence.
Craftsmanship as added value to the design of our concepts, for both a formal and emotional experience.
Unique objects that for to their artisanal quality, and not industrial, are never one similar to the other.