Mood04 - Forniture manufacturing


Mood04 - Foriniture manufacturing

Through several partnerships with different craft entrepreneurs in Brianza, we have gained the experience to manage all the stages from the concept idea to the realization of the product. The transformation that has marked the way of producing of this sector by shortening production times and making work easier in recent years, however, it has impoverished the quality and gradually made them forget the artisan knowledge.

The memory of craft wisdom and creative wealth are disappearing with the advent of serial and commercial production. The Luxury concept should not be synonymous with apparent quality, but with true excellence in the use of noble and precious Materials, in creativity and in the extraordinary Italian manufacturing. Our mission is to arouse admiration both for the beauty and the quality of the products made by the best skilled craftsmen.

We want to create a “bridge” between the past and the present, in the Italian cultural arts, applying the same values on the subject, with the aim of protecting the precious niches of knowledge and craftsmanship, because they are the wealth and the best image of “Made in Italy”. The style is purposely characterized by bourgeois elegance, timeless charm and refined shapes, enhancing the lines for an intrinsic balance and beauty; through their characteristics, aesthetics embraces symbolism, that resists fashions and trends and fascinates us and makes us dream.

Through the union between the design philosophy of the decorative arts and the renowned craftsmanship, the values of a fascinating experience are transmitted. Experience which finally becomes… POETRY OF LIVING!


Study, research, creation of innovative products. Continuous comparison with the artisans of Brianza to ensure high quality and maintain the Excellence of Made in Italy.

Mood04 - Forniture design
Mood04 - Foriniture manufacturing

Analysis, control and careful selection of the noble and precious materials to achieve through the care of processing and manufacturing  the best desired quality result. Never forgetting the value of the materials with the natural imperfections to differentiate with their own distinctive signs from those artifacts and perfect in appearance.


The passion for craftsmanship, research and refinement are the fundamental characteristics to make a difference and get to an aesthetic and functional product that has intrinsic balance and beauty.

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To satisfy the most particular requirements of the client, customized realizations. Team of professionals who follow the project from the consulting phase to the final delivery, from the design drawings to the assistance of installation on the product and interior projects.