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mood04 has the mission of arousing Admiration for both the beauty and the quality of the objects made by the skilled hands of the best craftsmen.

Each individual mood04 product is carefully attended in all stages of , first in the phase of meticulous research and selection of quality materials.

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The attention to detail leads to a deep knowledge of the uses, of the workmanship to obtain the maximum yield from the skilled hands of the artisans.

Noble and precious materials that blend together, synonymous with true excellence in creativity and extraordinary Italian manufacture.

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From the warmth of the processed wood and its essences, to the hardness of the marbles, onyx and its veins, the preciousness of the stones that are softened by the selected fabrics intertwined with metals, the game of the transparencies of the glass lead to create timeless objects, true Excellence of Italian know-how.

Materials Sample Box
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scatola 1c

Box with a wide range of materials inside, with finishes selected to create and compose exclusive and customizable combinations, which last pages descript.

DIMENSIONS   cm. L40 x P36 x H9| inc W15 3/4 x D14 1/8 x H3 1/2
WEIGHT             kg. 9
VOLUME            m3. 0,013

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