mood04 | new Italian Style of Excellence Design


During the Milan Design Week 2021 held from 4 to 10 September 2021 was presented the new brand mood04. 

Appointment to present in the city of Design a new idea of Italian Style with an international character. Suggestions inspired by literature, cinema and opera to be declined in furniture and emotional atmospheres.

Admirers of the contemporary culture of the twentieth century, bourgeois elegance, timeless charm and refined shapes, which enhance the lines, for an intrinsic balance and beauty. A vision of the future realized through autoral collections that lead man to live the emotions of his domestic environment as a comfortable, pleasant and reassuring place to take refuge from the frenzy of daily life.

mood04 milano design week 2021 1

"The Milan of the past" i Navigli Milanesi, location where the doors of mood04 were opened communicating the philosophy of living to arouse admiration of both the beauty and the quality of the objects made by the skilled hands of the best craftsmen.
The founders and architects Joe Gentile, Fabio Crippa and Giancarlo Corrias have a path of experience and expertise of over twenty years in the luxury sector by realizing product design and interior design of private residences and yachts.

The passion for craftsmanship, research and refinement are the fundamental characteristics to make a difference and to obtain an aesthetic and functional product with attention to detail.
The philosophy of sartorial design that distinguishes mood04 comes from the continuous research of style, through the influence between art and fashion, using noble materials that nature gives us. Unique objects that thanks to their artisanal quality, and not industrial, are never one similar to the other.

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