The tailors of design Between craftsmanship and fine materials

Furnishing. "Mood04" from Mariano renews the idea of style «We turn to those who want pieces made to measure and appreciates the cultural aspect of our sector»

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«Tailors of design». They want to be this the members of Mood04, Marian company born this year and that has dropped the excellence of craftsmanship - with the use of materials precious as semiprecious stones, parchment or thirst - in style concept to give life to furniture inspired by international culture, to opera and to great at the cinema, arrive on market as objects of high quality and exclusivity.

A dream to realize

«Ours was a dream to be realized and that the period of the pandemic accelerated. It is a desire that born from the experience of knowledge of the market; we are there I took a niche, the comparable one to those who want a dress made to measure by the tailor, that of customers who know how to appreciate high quality and style.
From the States United are those who go to the Neapolitan to be made by tailors dresses and shirts, we want to be a tailor of design, we do not want compare with the big in the sector, but defend the most cultural aspect of design and the craftsmanship you’re missing.
Many brands, unfortunately, they are in fact unifying». Mood04 has among its priorities that of working with shops artisans of excellence, those that offer processing not common, giving priority to implementation manual.
«A prototype machine made does not give the emotion of knowing how to do manual, is never like that which is born from the manual ability, from that touch that must come from the head; that craftsmanship is a philosophy.
Let’s try to imagine what can come out of a material rough, think of a cultural theme and we develop it through looking for details».
A research that is also on materials. «The materials we use there have always been, but they are were a little forgotten to the advantage of apparent luxury. They are materials that have value, but also a cost: semiprecious stones, for example, machining renaissance that we document with photos and videos to show the production cycle. And then there are brass also with hand working, bronze castings, parchment of leather that is put in barrel, dyed to color and then, as you dry, wet and laid on form of wood to be covered, without forget the matt finishes or glossy mirror-stained».
The furniture made with these particularities, however, need long time to become valuable product.
«Prototyping takes away between three and four weeks to define with the craftsman that you all they see is work in progress. We make a few pieces and with procedures manuals, although for some serve machines, depends by the type of product. Each product has in fact a story of its own, but we prefer the manual finish to have unique and quality objects».
The reference in production is also to literature and cinema. «We have chosen to refer to characters of the literature like D'Annunzio or cinema as Audrey Hepburn because we want to cross the 1900 which had many masters, especially in the years ‘20 and ‘50. We focus on national style icons and international.
Hepburn and fashion are the teachers of research, the fashion of clothes, also for our personal passion, is the guide of our philosophy and research. Fashion is in fact very similar to the world of design, but it is faster».

Fashion less ephemeral

Compared to the fashion of clothes the Furniture are less ephemeral: «Our furniture is durable over time and this is the difference with who wants to follow trends». From the fashion of clothes the search for mood04 also comes to the opera.
«The lyric will always be our wire and we refer also to the workings followed by luthiers; we are inspired by their workmanship and materials and then reinterpret it in our concept. Our mission is to arouse emotions».

From Valentino to Mozart Suggestions borrowed

Not only search for materials, but search for examples of elegance and style to which to refer to offer, to precious customer, objects intended for do not tire, at least so in the intentions of Mood04.
What are the lights that illuminate the operational path of founders is immediately told: have names and surnames that the world recognizes and belong of the international panorama of literature and cinema, but also of the lyric.
Names that alone but would not live in the mood04 furniture if not sliding on the walkway with materials - which have wood as master of ceremony and protagonist undisputed in the essences more valuable - like brass in different finishes, the semi-precious stones precious with mosaic cut, marble and onyx, parchment with natural tints in barrel, natural glass and antiqued mirrors, artistic bronze castings, prestigious leathers, woven fabrics of silk, linen, cotton, extra fine wool and cashmere.
These materials - which come used through processing technologically advanced to create pieces of furniture timeless and to acquire value over time, but also to go beyond the limits which the same materials may put to working - interpret the style which the partners borrow, declining it according to their taste, by Gabriele D'Annunzio, Audrey Hepburn, Rodolfo Valentino and among the operas, to whom they always look with great interest, Don Giovanni, Carmen, Rigoletto, Rugantino, Orpheus, Casanova.

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